La Box

La Box is one of the main teaching tools of Bourges’ national higher education art school (Ensa Bourges). Every year since 1990, it has produced around ten exhibitions by French and foreign artists. Every year since 1991, La Box has hosted 4 artists for a 3-month residency programme in its 2 studio apartments.

Every year since 1991, La Box has hosted artists in residence in its 2 studio apartments.
Since 2023, it has been developing 3 annual residency programmes:
- Educational residencies enabling teachers or workshop managers at Ensa Bourges to invite an artist to play an active role in their teaching for a period of two months.
Two complementary programmes are devoted to hosting artists in emergency situations, who are either invited or co-invited by Fructôse and its partners:
- short residencies lasting 3 months from June to December 2023 which host 4 artists in partnership with the Orléans Tours student welfare office;
- long residencies, lasting 10 to 12 months, for artists in exile.

La Box’s residences provide access to all the facilities at Ensa Bourges. With 7,000 square metres of usable space, Ensa Bourges is one of the best-equipped art schools in terms of workspace. The studios allow for the development of all types of artistic practice, including large-scale volume work and film shoots in its professional studio. Ensa has teachers and workshop leaders in art history, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture/volume, film/video, sound art, publishing/engraving, written practice, ceramics, performance and multimedia.

View of one of the two studio apartments


The artist or artists' collective are paid during their residency, are allocated a budget to cover  production costs and also can be provided with a budget for publishing costs. Residents are housed in a 100 m² artist's studio within Ensa, which is equipped with a studio space, a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom on the mezzanine.
As the studio is on the first floor without a lift, it is not suitable for individuals with limited mobility.


The successful candidate will benefit from a residency lasting three consecutive months during the school term.


Priority is given to unsolicited applications. Direct invitations are issued to artists or curatorial teams, in collaboration with Fructôse’s artistic and cultural partners.
The research project and its budgetary implications are submitted to the head of La box at a meeting with Ensa's management, which is held when the resident arrives and results in an agreement between the artist or curatorial team and the school.


We can accommodate up to a total of 4 individuals (spouses and family members). Our residency schedule is flexible and we will take into consideration any necessary trips. We can assist in arranging child care and healthcare services if necessary.


Residents undertake to present their work in the form of a conference at the beginning of their stay and to set up a workshop project with the school's students. They will work closely with the teaching staff, and in particular with the head of La Box.


There are no specific obligations towards the public. Depending on events taking place at La Box or Ensa during their residency, artists may offer or be offered a studio opening event or an activity involving La Box and/or Ensa’s audiences or partners. Priority is given to off-site outings in order to develop new networks for resident artists.

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