Villa Kujoyama

Perched high above Kyoto, Villa Kujoyama is a pluridisciplinary arts residency which, since 1992, welcomes established and emerging artists seeking to work on a project in connection with Japan. The present-day Villa Kujoyama builds on the first Franco-Japanese cultural centre, which opened in 1924.
The decision to rehabilitate and transform this initial venture into a place for artistic research originated in a shared wish to promote intercultural dialogue through artistic and intellectual exchanges – and contemporary creation.        
Since its founding, close to 400 artists have spent time at Villa Kujoyama and helped forge its reputation as a force for intercultural cooperation and Franco-Japanese creation.

Nestled in the hills above Kyoto, the Villa Kujoyama is a multi-disciplinary arts residency that has been welcoming established and emerging artists wishing to develop a project in connection with Japan since 1992.  
Built on the foundations of the first Franco-Japanese cultural centre, founded in 1924, the decision to renovate and transform it into a place for artistic research stemmed from a shared desire to promote dialogue between cultures, through both artistic and intellectual exchanges and contemporary creation.            
Nearly 400 artists have been hosted since its foundation, helping to establish its reputation as a leading establishment for intercultural cooperation and Franco-Japanese creativity.

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Successful applicants receive the following fixed monthly allowances:
- Solo: €2,100.
- Pairs: €1,600 (per individual).        
- Duo: €1,600 (per individual).
The Villa Kujoyama has 6 duplex studio flats measuring 64m², each with a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and two single beds. Each successful applicant is provided with a studio flat dedicated exclusively to artistic research.
A studio adjoining the Villa Kujoyama is equipped with tools so that work can be carried out outside the residential studio.
An auditorium with parquet flooring is equipped with audiovisual equipment (5m x 2.80m screen, a video projector, a mac computer, microphones and speakers) and a tuned piano. This 90m² room is suitable for dance, theatre and music production, film screenings and conferences.
The Galerie Pierre Bergé (Hall) provides residents with a space to receive external visitors.
The reading room is equipped with a library containing works by previous residents, dating back to 1992, a laser printer/scanner, an A3 inkjet printer and a double-light/dual/high performance scanner.
The Institut français covers the cost of a return plane ticket (France-Osaka) of up to €1,400 for successful candidatures of the Solo and Pairs programmes. In the context of the Duo scheme, the successful Japanese applicant is not eligible for reimbursement of travel costs to the Villa Kujoyama.


The residency project can run from January to December of the same year. Under no circumstances may stays be split up or carried over to the following year.          
The residency lasts between 4 to 6 months, depending on the format:
Solo: 4 to 6 months  
Pairs: 4 months        
Duo: 4 months


The selection process takes place in several stages:
- A committee of experts examines all applications received and interviews shortlisted applicants.
- The final selection committee chooses the successful applicants. Its decision is final.
In addition to assessing candidates’ career paths, particular attention is paid to:
- the quality and prospects of the project          
- the relevance of the research project in Japan  
- the planned working protocol          
- contacts already identified/established on site.
There is no age limit. Fluency in French is not a selection criterion for Japanese applicants. The applicant must however be able to speak English, where required.
The Villa Kujoyama is not able to accomodate more than two people per project. 
This programme is not aimed at artist collectives, groups of artists, companies or troupes exceeding this number.          
Successful applicants wishing to host their family and friends must organise their own accomodation outside of the Villa Kujoyama.


The Villa Kujoyama’s residential accommodation is exclusively dedicated to artistic research. Residents staying with their children must provide their own accommodation outside of the Villa Kujoyama. Residents accompanied by their spouse may, however, stay at the Villa Kujoyama.
The Institut français provides residents accompanied by one or more children with a supplementary allowance of €700 per month, to cover part of the additional accommodation costs incurred. Residents still have access to a private studio at Villa Kujoyama in order for them to carry out their residency project.
The Villa Kujoyama team provides residents with a list of accommodations and crèches in close proximity of the Villa Kujoyama. Successful applicants are eligible to apply for paid enrolment at Kyoto’s international Lycée français, which caters for children from nursery to secondary school. School bursaries are awarded under certain circumstances by the French Embassy in Japan. 
Unfortunately, the Villa Kujoyama’s team is unable to respond to all specific requests regarding families. The Villa Kujoyama readily provides a list of bilingual individuals who can provide help and support with family life in Japan. These services, which are to be paid for by the successful applicant, are not the responsibility of the Villa Kujoyama.


Successful applicants must not have any other professional obligations for the duration of their stay.


On the first Thursday of every month the Villa Kujoyama is open to the general public (including Japanese professionals), from 2pm to 9pm, providing residents with the opportunity to present the stages at which they are at in their research projects. During the residency, the Villa Kujoyama's extensive network provides residents with the opportunity to take part in events off-site. During the 5 years following the end of the residency, artists receive support enabling them to continue the research they began in Japan, to present their work in venues in France and abroad and to extend their experience in Japan, with the support of the Villa Kujoyama's partner venues.


Villa Kujoyama
17-22 Hinookaebisudanicho
Yamashina Ward
JP- Kyoto, 607-8492
+81 (0)75 761 7940