International Centre for Art and Landscape on  Vassivière Island

The Castle – Research and creative residences is run by the Art Centre. As a complement to exhibitions and the open-air Sculptures Wood, this programme was intended to support and favor the development of projects int their early stages in a landscape of inspiration changing as the seasons go by.

Creators or researchers across disciplines, landscape designers and architects are encouraged to apply calls for proposals with a research and creative project linked with landscape – both in its aesthetic scope and its social and environmental history (rurality, land-use planning, ecology, habits and ways of life, etc).

thomas_raynaud.jpg©Thomas Raynaud

available means

— Three housing units in the Castle, including a family one. Double beds, equipped kitchen and bathroom/toilet; bath et bed linen and tableware provided,
 — Residents share open-plan and multi-level work areas (192 m2); (internet and telephone provided, audio-visual equipment and technical tools not included,  
 — Technical assistance could be provided by the Art Centre manager as far as its availibilities,
— The resident could use the Art Centre vehicle (to share with the team),
— Monthly residence allowance: 700€ (gross). A full-time presence is not required during the 4-month residence: sum to be paid, provided that the resident will stay at the Castle for a minimum duration of 60 days (continuously or intermittent),
 — The Art Centre cover the cost of one round trip (from living/working place to Vassivière Island, to the limit of 300€),
 — The Art Centre facilitates searches and offers opportunities for encounters with the local inhabitants; it provides intellectual and logistical support drawing on its expertise and material,
— A grant for production may be provided (maximum 500€ including VAT).


4 months (16 weeks). Simultaneous welcome of three residents per season who may collaborate if they wish.

selection process

The residences at Vassivière Island is reserved for artists or researchers, architects, landscape designers (and others discilplines) without any age limit, but who have completed their education. Subject to specific projects, the residences are open to three individual or as group- applicants for a research and creative project – possibly in co-production with another cultural institution, university, school of art, … in following practices: plastic arts; writing;  landscape; ethnobotany; architecture; design; graphic design; choregraphy; etc. The selection of the residents is made according to criteria of  of project’ relevance. The selection committee is composed of representatives of the Art Centre and its financial partners (Ministry of Culture/Nouvelle-Aquitaine Région Cultural Affairs Office and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Région) as well as external professionals.

obligations of the residents 

The resident undertakes to realize the artistic project he/she has been selected for.

Actions towards audiences

The Art Centre reserves the right to ask the resident to participate in public meetings organised by the Art Centre as part of its mediation activities (cultural and educational actions), around its projects.


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