Based in the industrial port of Dunkirk on Mole 1 since 2008, Fructôse is a support base for artists.

Its artistic and cultural project focuses on supporting artists working in the visual arts field. It supports creative processes and defines itself as a space for artists and local residents to meet and make artistic discoveries. The organisation's project can be summed up in 4 verbs: federate, support, enhance and connect.

A bustling, creative hub, a space for encounters and discoveries, Fructôse develops a programme of residencies and welcomes around twenty associate artists to its studios each year. These artists, who live in the region and come from France, Belgium and the UK, benefit from shared technical spaces such as a printing studios, support with their projects and administrative tasks, as well as meetings with the public, all of which contribute to Dunkirk's cultural diversity and to a better understanding of artists’ work and contemporary creation.


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- a print studio including screen printing, risograph printing, a proofing press and a finishing area;
- production studios: 25m² module studios and volume studios: 68 to 80m² shelves linked to a container providing storage and office space;
- communal areas: wood and metal studio, mezzanine, cool school, tools;
- support from the team: logistical and technical help with the project during the residency, administrative support, networking with local partners;
- During the residency, artists receive two types of grants, a general one and one to be used to cover production costs. Depending on the project, artists are also paid for public presentations, workshops and copyright royalties;
- the cost of the artist's travel to and from the residency is covered;
- the project carried out during the residency may be the subject of a presentation (performance, exhibition, conference, and so on).


As a general rule, there is no minimum duration for residencies and each residency is adapted to the needs of the artist, according to Fructôse’s resources and means.


Artists are selected via an open call for projects and by invitation. 
Each year, the residency programmes are organised as follows:  
- la Fabrique des objets imprimés: a residency dedicated to research and experimentation in the field of printing and printed objects;
- a residency dedicated to research and experimentation in the visual arts - a residency dedicated to multidisciplinary research and experimentation.


Following the loss of one of its buildings, Fructôse is no longer in a position to house its residents on site. What's more, the building in which the studios are located is exclusively a place of work and does not meet the necessary requirements for receiving members of the public. Although our housing partner cannot accommodate families either, we are endeavouring to find solutions adapted to artists' schedules and their logistical needs.


Artists take part in the life of the organisation and may be invited to present their work during an event.


Activities are not pre-established but are conceived according to artists' projects. These can take the form of meetings and workshops with groups or the general public.

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