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Arts in Residence - National network is a network that facilitates the sharing of skills, experiences and insights.

Since 2010, Arts in Residence - National network has been working to structure and increase the visibility of residencies in the visual arts field. It federates structures which strive for the development of contemporary creation, while guaranteeing ethical working conditions for the artists and art professionals. 48 member structures strong, all of which are united by an ethical charter that constitutes its foundation and articulates its values, the network provides a space for discussion and reflection focusing on four main objectives:

- to unite its members around the practice of hosting art residencies;
- to promote the work carried out by its members;
- to develop structuring tools and to advise on ethical professional practices in the context of art residencies;
- to represent and promote the practice of the art residency in the visual arts field


Arts en résidence - National network federates structures hosting artists and art professionals in residence. It is not the legal status of the host structure which counts (association, endowment fund, local authority, foundation, company, etc.) or their operation, as long as they work towards the development of contemporary creation by setting up an art residency system.
The network provides the opportunity to share operating methods, actions and issues, and gives greater visibility to residency schemes, which are genuine supports for contemporary creation. Arts en résidence - National network is based on the plurality of its actors, their experiences and their reflections, to nourish a common innovative, structuring and visible project, developing support, advice and actions for the professionals concerned (structure managers, artists, curators, art critics, etc.) in France and abroad. In order to make these exchanges coherent and comprehensible, Arts in Residence - National network is first and foremost structured around the reflection and the elaboration of a common charter.
Arts en résidence - National network is a platform on which common projects can be developed to support artistic proposals (cross-residencies, nomadic curatorial residencies) or discussions on issues related to the hosting of artists and art professionals in residence, whether internal (working groups) or public, and enriched by the presence of relevant guest speakers (symposiums, publications, and so on).

Art residencies exist internationally and meet the travel needs of artists and art professionals. Within this framework, Arts en résidence - National network allows residency opportunities in France to be visible beyond the country’s borders. What is more, exchanges with other similar networks (Artist Communities Alliance, TransArtists, TASA, artinresidence, Res Artis, On the Move, China Residencies and so on) allow for the sharing of working conditions and resources provided to artists in residence around the world.


Given the diversity of scenarios covered by the term ‘residency’ (means, tools, resources and), the network offers methodological and legal support by providing information, advice and training, allowing individuals to be better informed on the legal frameworks and good practices in relation to the organisation of residencies.
The network creates professional resources for project holders and is involved in the circulation of professional practices that respect artists, in line with its ethical charter.
Information and advice on good practices can be provided upon request.


Arts en résidence aspires to promote the practice of the art residency as an essential tool in an artist's career and to increase the long-term impact they have on the areas in which they are established. To achieve this, the network is committed to collecting data, studying and gathering targeted information on residency practices. It provides feedback and formulates  recommendations so that public policies can be made in conjunction with the concerned individuals.


- The French Ministry of Culture - Direction générale de la création artistique (DGCA)
Arts en résidence is supported by the French Ministry of Culture - Direction générale de la création artistique (DGCA).

CIPAC is the French federation of contemporary art professionals. A non-profit organisation founded in 1997, CIPAC unites professionals involved in the production, distribution and mediation of contemporary art in France. Arts en résidence - National network is a member of CIPAC

- The Institut français
The mission of The Institut français' residency programmes is to encourage the mobility of artists and to promote a dialogue between foreign cultures in France, Europe and the world. The Institut français provides support as the artists selected prepare for their residencies and provides them with its skills and knowledge of professional and artistic networks in France and abroad.


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The network is a member of CIPAC since 2011.

The network receives the support of the French Ministry of Culture.

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