Les Capucins

The contemporary art centre Les Capucins, situated in Embrun in the Hautes-Alpes, opened in 2011. Acting as a space for research, experimentation and production, the art centre programmes exhibitions, events as well as residencies in several forms.

The art centre - a former church located in a rural area - has built up a loyal following over the years, and has surrounded itself with highly committed amateur and professional partners. It is upon this network that the art centre's team calls, as well as mobilises, for each project, providing artists with the opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Far from an isolated entity, the art centre is supported by a highly dedicated team and part of the local population who are keen to contribute to the development of research projects undertaken by resident artists.
Since 2015, the art centre has been running a residency programme based in a school setting and in which one artist is invited to participate each year. The residency culminates in an exhibition. 

Since 2017, the art centre has been hosting two artists, within the context of its research and experimentation residency.



Research and experimentation residency programme 

Each resident receives a €4,000 grant, which covers their fees, research-related and personal expenses. They are provided with a studio in the city centre and up to €500 in travel expenses (to and from their place of residence). Residents have access to Les Capucins production studio. Although fairly well equipped (circular saw, radial saw, drill, screwdriver, sander, etc.), it is not heated and has no natural light.
Les Capucins’ team (made up of a full-time director, an administration manager and cultural outreach manager and a part-time civic service volunteer) supports resident artists in their research through daily exchanges and by putting them in touch with organisations and individuals who can assist in the development of their projects.

School residency programme 

Artists who participate in the school residency programme are provided with the same resources as those participating in the research and experimentation one; accommodation and food and travel expenses. They are provided with a grant to cover production costs and are paid €3,000. This is more than what artists participating in the other programme receive who are not required to run workshops in schools (which accounts for an average of 36 hours).


Research and experimentation residency programme 

These residencies run for 8 consecutive weeks which also can be divided into two periods of time. They do not run at the same time, the first starts at the beginning of the year and the second more towards the end of the year. They are designed to provide artists with the means to develop their research, regardless of their chosen media. Applicants are not required to have started on the project with which they have applied, nor are they expected to complete said project by the end of the residency. Moreover, the programme is not intended to result in an exhibition at the art centre, although it is obviously possible for the project to be presented at Les Capucins at a later date.

School residency programme

In addition to the workshops held in schools prior to the programme, residents in this programme are provided with the same opportunities as those in the research and experimentation programme, including preliminary visits to Les Capucins’ premises, support during the residency and an exhibition.


Research and experimentation residency programme 

Two research and experimentation residency programmes are run each year: one of which is by invitation and the other for which a call for applications is published.
The call for applications specifies the following selection criteria:
- the artistic quality of the project, based on contemporary questions,
- the relevance of the project with regard to the specificities of the art centre,
- the originality of the research topic and artistic maturity,
- the project’s prospects in terms of development beyond the residency.
The selection committee is made up of two art professionals (an art critic and/or curator and an artist), an elected cultural representative of the town of Embrun and Les Capucins’ team.

School residency programme

Invitation only. 


The research and experimentation residency programme is open to people who wish to be accompanied by their family.
Resident artists and their families are provided with accommodation measuring 35 m² and a cot. Les Capucins also helps in the organisation of childcare during the day and can put residents in contact with a local day nursery.
Residencies last 8 weeks. In order to make it easier for residents juggling work and family life, these weeks can be spread across mid-September and December. 


Artists must be covered by a social security scheme and have an identification number or be represented by an administrative body enabling them to issue an invoice. Artists undertake to live at the place of residency for its duration and may not under any circumstances be replaced during the period in question. Lastly, they agree to participate in a public event which can take the form of their choice.

We strongly recommend that residents have a driving licence and potentially a vehicle, in order for them to make the most of Embrun’s resources and the area, including the landscape, architecture, history and savoir-faire.


Research and experimentation residency programme 
At the end of the residency, a public event is organised during which artists present their findings. The artist can decide upon the type of event, which may take the form of a performance, a reading, a screening, an exhibition in the art centre (depending on the availability of the exhibition rooms) or elsewhere.
Artists are also invited to take part in the art centre's monthly “Apéros Docs” event during which they have the opportunity to show films of their choice and discuss their influences and subjects which they are passionate about.

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