Les Capucins

The contemporary art centre Les Capucins, situated in Embrun in the Hautes-Alpes, opened in 2011. Acting as a space for research, experimentation and production, the art centre programmes exhibitions, events as well as residencies in several forms.

The art centre - an ancient chapel situated in a rural zone - with a faithful public and surrounded by partners both amateur and invested professionals. The art centre mobilises these public networks for each project, offering to artists the possibility to collaborate with craftsmen and specific
knowledge. The art centre is not an isolated entity, but includes a committed team and a local population that wishes to contribute to the development of the research carried out by the artists.
Since 2015, the art centre invites an artist in residence in schools each year. This time of exchange results in an exhibition.
Since 2017, the art centre receives two artists in residence of research and experimentation.


available means

Research and Experimentation Residence

Residents each receive a grant of €4000 including fees, research expenses and personal needs. A studio apartment in the centre of the town is made available to them and travel expenses from their home to the place of residence and back are covered up to a maximum of €500. The artists in residence for research and experimentation are housed in a 35 m2 studio apartment in the centre of Embrun (rented by the art centre) and have access to Les Capucins' production workshop. The studio is well equipped (circular saw, radial saw, drill, screwdriver, sander...), however it is not heated and does not benefit from natural light.
The team of Les Capucins (composed of a full-time director, a manager of administration and mediation and a part-time volunteer for civic service) accompanies the artists in their research by means of nourishing and daily exchanges, as well as by putting them in contact with structures and interlocutors who can contribute to the development of their project. 

Residence in a school environment

Residents in schools benefit from the same conditions as the artists invited to exhibit at the art centre: provision of accommodation, payment of food expenses and return trips from home. They have a production budget and receive a fee of 3000 euros. This remuneration is higher than that granted to artists who conceive an exhibition without running workshops in schools (on average 36 hours).


Research and Experimentation Residence

The research and experimentation residencies take place over 8 weeks, consecutively or in two stages. They do not take place at the same time, the first is at the beginning of the year, the second at the end of the year. They are intended to give an artist from any field of expression the means to develop his or her research. The project may or may not have started at the time of the call, and does not have to be completed by the end of the residency. Moreover, the residency is not intended to accompany an exhibition project at the art centre, although it is obviously not excluded that it may be presented at Les Capucins at a later date.

Residence in a school environment

In addition to the workshops carried out in the schools, the school residents benefit from the same conditions as the artists invited to exhibit at the art centre: preliminary site visits, project accompaniment and an exhibition.

seLECTION process

Research and Experimentation Residence

Two research and experimentation residencies take place each year: one by invitation and one by call for applications.
The call for applications specifies the following selection criteria:
Artistic qualities of the project in relation to contemporary issues,
Relevance of the project in the specific context of the art centre,
Singularity of the research, maturity of the artistic work,
Prospects for the evolution of the project beyond the framework of the residence.
The selection jury is composed of two art professionals (art critic and/or curator and artist), the elected representative for culture of the town of Embrun, and the team of the contemporary art centre Les Capucins.

Residence in a school environment

Invitation only.


The artist must be able to prove that he or she is covered by a social security system and has a Siret number or be represented by an administrative structure that allows him or her to issue an invoice. The artist undertakes to ensure an effective presence in the place of residence and may not be replaced under any circumstances during the period concerned. Finally, they must ensure a meeting with the public, which will take a form of their choice.
In order to make the most of the resources of Embrun and its region - its landscape, architecture, history, know-how - it is strongly recommended that residents have a driving licence and possibly a vehicle.

Actions towards audiences

Research and Experimentation Residence

At the end of the residency, a public meeting is organised to present the research. The form is defined by the artist. It can be a performance, a reading, a projection, a display in the art centre (depending on the availability of the exhibition rooms) or elsewhere.
The artist is also invited, if he or she wishes, to participate in the art centre's monthly event, Les Apéros Docs. The artist can present the films of their choice and evoke their influences and subjects of interest through the selection.


Les Capucins
Mairie d'Embrun
Place Barthelon
F-05200 Embrun