Atelier Calder

Since 1989, the Atelier Calder has been a place of residence and artistic creation. Located in Saché in Indre-et-Loire, this former workshop of the American sculptor Alexander Calder pursues a welcoming policy whose ambition is to enable artists to carry out specific projects, to pursue research or experimentation.

Since 1989, Atelier Calder has been an art centre which organises residency programmes. Located in Saché, Indre-et-Loire, this former studio of the American sculptor Alexander Calder endeavours to host artists, enabling them to carry out specific projects, pursue their research and to experiment.

Resident artists are given the opportunity to create new work and explore new perspectives by, for example, working on a different scale or carrying out a particular project. Atelier Calder’s unique setting enables creations, exhibitions and meetings to come to life. The organisation aims to promote contemporary creation and share it with a wider audience by setting up studio visits, enabling the public to discover the projects created by resident artists.

atelier_caldervdt.jpgL’Atelier Calder à Saché © Guillaume Blanc 


- accommodation, technical and financial support, all of which provides the necessary environment for artistic creation,
- a dedicated team of 2 people who support resident artists throughout their stay,
- a stipend €5,000 and a budget of €6,000 to cover production costs,

On a regular basis, Atelier Calder joins forces with other organisations (art centres, museums, historical monuments, etc.) to provide artists with the opportunity to present the projects they have created at the end of their residency.


3 consecutive months.
Residency programme calendar: April to July and September to December.


Artists are selected following a call for applications.
Residents are chosen by an artistic committee composed of Atelier Calder’s President, professionals and its institutional representatives and partners. As well as assessing artists’ professional backgrounds, particular attention is paid to the residency project presented.


Artists are welcome to bring their families with them. Atelier Calder can provide the routine essentials for young children. Older children have the possibility of attending a nearby school (l’école de Saché) and Atelier Calder can provide assistance with this. Artists who would like to come with their children are encouraged to bring another adult with them so that they can make the most of the opportunity.


- resident artist must complete the residency programme, have a driving licence or be accompanied by someone who has one,
- they agree to develop artistic research or projects that will be presented during a studio visit at the end of their stay,
- they agree to participate in educational projects throughout the year,
- they agree to a studio visit lasting at least 2 days which will take place at the end of each residency


Studio visits, workshops with art schools, educational initiatives in schools in the department and the region.

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