Given the plurality of forms that ‘art residencies’ can take, in terms of means, tools, resources and so on, the network offers methodological support through the creation and provision of professional tools.


In view of the many different purposes behind art residencies, the structures federated within the Arts en résidence network intended to draw up together a charter formulating common principles, values and commitments. This code of ethics stipulates voluntary commitments which are specific to the federated structures and by which only they are bound. However, it is also intended to provide inspiration for those who would like to set up residencies for artists and/or creative professionals in the future.


Prepared at the request of visual arts professionals, this residency contract is designed to be used as a template and to become a work tool intended to facilitate exchanges and encourage good practices.    
This model contract for hosting creation, research or experimentation residencies for artists and/or creative professionals has been drawn up by USOPAV, FRAAP and CIPAC - including Arts en résidence - National network, as well as with the help of a specialist lawyer. All of the aforementioned structures recommend it. This contract is also approved and recommended by ADAGP and SAIF.
It complies with the statement on residencies issued by the Ministry of Culture on the 8th of June 2016.


What questions should those running art residencies be asking themselves? 
This document is intended for structures who organise residencies. It provides recommendations with regard to the different phases in the organisation of a residency project in the fine and visual arts sector.
It presents the foundations of certain ‘good practices’ and highlights those that are required by law.
Although it details questions which should be asked, this document is not intended to exhaustively treat all of the issues raised during the organisation of an art residency.
It was produced in June 2021 as part of a collaboration between Arts en résidence - National network and devenir-art, a visual arts network in the Centre-Val de Loire region.


International mobility and regulations
Residencies for artists and/or creative professionals greatly contribute to the careers of contemporary visual artists and the number of structures offering this type of support is increasing in France and abroad. This information sheet deals with the administrative procedures that apply to residencies aimed at foreign artists in France. It is intended to be used by residencies, whether public or private, as well as by artists and/or creative professionals. The primary objective of this document is to professionalise the protocols for hosting foreign artists in the context of incoming mobility: work permits, visas, social security and taxation.
This document was produced as part of a collaboration between Arts en résidence - National network and Mobiculture.


Online collaborative work tool on good practices. Points of reference and good practices in the context of hosting residencies for artists and/or creative professionals.