Lumière d'encre

Based in Céret, in the Eastern Pyrenées, and founded in 1988, photography association Lumiere d’Encre is dedicated to supporting contemporary photographers in the creation and dissemination of their work.  

A place of cultural exchange, Lumière d’Encre is committed to promoting and publicising contemporary photography, and to its development through creative projects and artistic residencies. Through the act of creation, artists and audiences alike are drawn to reflect on photography: both the photographic world and the world (the places) being photographed.

We offer a variety of residencies:

A substantial, 8 to 12-week residency over the course of one year:
This residency, which runs between September and June (the schedule is flexible and will be developed with the artist), offers the artist both the means and the opportunity to question and promote their work, while engaging in creative and cultural research within the region. 

available means

A black and white photographic lab and a digital lab and simple studio (40m2) are available on site to support this.
A contract will be established for the residency, to include the following fees/allowances:
€3000 (gross) for artist’s rights
€600 travel allowance
€400 per diem allowance
€2000 technical, production and printing allowance
Additional payment for any teaching or education undertaken by the artist in residence. (We are currently in the process of putting together cultural and educational projects.)
Accommodation is in Céret, and, as we wish to involve local people in the act of creation, artists will be housed within the heart of the community. We will prepare both artist and volunteer host for arrival. (Should difficulties arise with the accommodation or with the host, relocation is possible.)
Work resulting from the residency will remain available to Lumière d’Encre for one year, in support of its awareness-raising work. Should the results of the residency offer the potential for a publication, Lumière d’Encre will get involved in producing this.


8 to 12-week residency over the course of one year between September and June. Les périodes de résidences peuvent être contigüe ou non, le planning est élaboré conjointement avec l’artiste.

selection process

A new theme is announced in February each year, with artists having until May 1st to submit their applications. The Lumiere d’Encre board selects a four-strong shortlist, with finalists being invited to present their proposals at the end of June, and the successful candidate being announced at the beginning of July.

resident's obligations

Resident’s obligations: to live within the region in order to reflect upon and question their work.

Actions toward the audience

In February we will stage an exhibition to introduce the artist in residence and their existing work to the community. The artist will also be expected to present their creative approach to groups or to the public in open workshops over one or two evenings. Workshops with children or the less able may also be possible, in which case a specific contract and additional fee will be discussed and agreed.

International cross-artistic residency programmes 
Institutional cultural partnerships with Spain, Balearic Islands etc. The call for such projects varies according to the funding available.

School-based artistic research programme
Lumière d’Encre is developing residencies in several high schools in the Eastern Pyrenees. The artist will move their studio to the college, enabling students to see them at work and learn about the profession, the work and the artist’s creative style and process.T

There is an allowance of €4,500, with accommodation in Céret or on site (depending upon availability/ need). The offer of a position is made by invitation and agreement with the school or establishment. 

Lumière d’Encre
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