Centre d'Art et de Photographie Lumière d'Encre (CAPLE)

Since 1988, Lumière d'Encre has been supporting contemporary photographers in the creation and promotion of their work in Céret in the Pyrénées Orientales.

Lumière d'Encre is a place of cultural exchange, dedicated to the promotion and distribution of contemporary photography. Its work revolves around creative projects and art residencies. Through the creative process, artists and the general public are encouraged to reflect on photography: the areas of photography as much as the photography of the area.

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Lumière d'encre runs various different residency programmes:

One major annual residency:

The aim of this residency is to provide artists with the means to question their practice and promote it, while taking part in artistic and cultural research in the area.


- A black and white photographic laboratory on site is available for artists to use, as well as a digital laboratory and a 40m² modest shooting area.
- €1,850/month residency grant 
- €700 for travel expenses 
- Per diem: €400
- €2,000 to put towards production and printing costs
- Accommodation in Céret. Please note that we try to house artists in the local community.  We seek to involve local people in the creative process. These are volunteers and Lumière d'Encre prepares for the artist's visit.
Artists are paid for educational activities carried out (including a group of pupils whose class is involved in an artistic and cultural project and educational programme which are currently being set up)
If the work produced at the residency pertains to a publication, Lumière d'Encre may provide additional funding.


Structured around the creation and questioning of the artist's work, this 8 to 12-week residency takes place between September and June. The residency may be split across a period of time; the schedule is drawn up with the artist.


Applicants are selected following a call for projects in January/February. A theme is chosen each year and artists are given a great deal of freedom with regard to how they approach it. The deadline for applications is the 1st of May, after which the jury shortlists 4 candidates who are invited to present their project at the end of June. Results are announced at the beginning of July.


We can accommodate families and can provide residents with a cot and a second bedroom with two 90cm bunk beds.
The residency is adapted, insofar as possible, to residents’ family commitments. 
We would eventually like to find permanent childcare solutions (childminders, occasional childcare in a local nursery, etc) so that residents’ children can be looked after during the day. 


Residents are required to stay in the area in order to reflect upon and question their practice.


An exhibition of previous work is held in February in order to present the artist in residence. The results of the residency can be viewed for a year following the residency and are used in the context of Lumière d'Encre's awareness-raising work. Artists are asked to present their artistic approach over the course of one or two evenings with groups, or to the general public, in particular during open studio workshop days.  
Cultural outreach workshops, particularly with schoolchildren or disadvantaged groups, may also be organised. These are agreed upon with the artist, are outlined in a specific contract and artists are paid accordingly.

International multidisciplinary residency programmes (cultural institutional partnerships - Spain, Balearic Islands, etc.). Applicants are selected following a call for projects. The frequency of these programmes vary depending on the funding obtained.

Artistic research residency programme in schools
Lumière d'Encre runs residencies in schools in several secondary schools in the Pyrénées Orientales. By carrying out their studio work in a school, artists pursue their practice while allowing pupils to be introduced to their job, artwork and way of creating. 
Artists are provided with a €4,500 grant and accommodation in Céret or on site, depending on availability and requirements. 
Lumière d'Encre invites artists to take part in this programme which is agreed upon with the school concerned.

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