La malterie

The association la malterie supports artistic research and creation in the visual arts and contemporary music, by providing artists with career guidance and assisting in their professionalisation. It is home to around thirty visual artists, who are provided with studios on the premises.

Its residency programme is designed as a space for research and creation, where meeting other artists facilitates professional exchanges and discovery of the area. La malterie supports residents in the realisation of their artistic projects and in their professional development. It offers guest artists the opportunity to take part in personalised meetings on managing their professional activity, as well as meeting relevant professional players from the eurozone.


The resources made available to residents may vary from one residency to another, depending on the partners involved. La malterie always endeavours to cover the artist's travel and accommodation expenses and to provide a research and production grant. Depending on the project, programmes may include the following: specific training, an exhibition, contact with a critical writer, commissioning of texts, a publishing project, etc.

Residents are also provided with:

- a work space known as “Le plateau”, a space measuring 300 m² which is bright but can be made pitch black;
- Sound, lighting and video equipment (see technical information sheet);
- Possible access to a screen-printing workshop;
- Human resources: one full-time member of staff and other members of the team as required;
- Privileged access to training courses organised by la malterie, possibility of individual administrative and legal information sessions.


Depending on the project, residencies at la malterie last from 1 to 3 months which must run consecutively. The association does not have any accommodation and due to related costs,
longer residencies are currently out of the question. All residents are provided with the opportunity to share the results of their residency, which does not necessarily take the form of an exhibition. If an exhibition does take place, it will do so outside the association, depending on the partnerships set up.


Calls for projects are regularly issued. They define the structure of the residency and the terms and conditions. Resources made available to artists may vary from one call for projects to another, depending on the context of the work proposed and the partners involved in the project. They may or may not be based on a given theme. They are sometimes open to artists of a particular nationality. All applications are examined by a committee.


Taking into account residents’ family situations, la malterie adapts the schedule and timetable of its residencies to the artists involved. For certain residencies which include funding for accommodation, it is possible, upon the artist’s request, to take into account the greater cost family accommodation represents.
La Malterie's studios are dedicated to artistic production and are not necessarily suitable for children. Special arrangements can be made and if they are, responsibility lies with the artist concerned.


There is no pre-existing programme of events aimed at the public. Partnerships may be set up, depending on the artist's project and upon request. Meetings with students or art schools may take place during the residency, depending on the projects going on at the time.


La malterie

Cathy Crochemar (visual arts project manager) 
42 rue Kuhlmann
F-59000 Lille
T:+33(0)3 20 15 13 21