Centre d’art de Châteauvert

In the heart of ‘Provence Verte’, in a haven of greenery on the banks of the Argens river, Châteauvert’s contemporary art centre was inaugurated in 2014 and has been offering residency programmes for artists since 2018. It is supported by the Communauté d'Agglomération Provence Verte.

At the centre, art and nature become one... visitors and residents are invited to stroll and daydream amongst the sculptures in its garden which is bordered by the river Argens. Sometimes it’s peaceful, sometimes it’s temperamental, yet it provides the perfect backdrop for the discovery and sharing of contemporary creation which is coming to life. Projects blossom during the residency programme, artists produce works on site, in harmony with their environment. The production of art also flourishes within the walls of the art centre, during temporary exhibitions for example which are brought to life on a daily basis through outreach activities including conferences and events. Supporting artists and sharing knowledge with visitors constitute the spirit of the art/nature structure which is nestled in the intimate Sourn valley.


The art centre organises between 2 and 3 research and/or creative residencies per year.

Artists are provided with accommodation and a 80 m² studio which is situated 300 metres from the art centre. Artists receive as much technical support as the team can provide. 
Each resident receives a stipend of €2,500 (all tax included).


Continuous period of 1 month 


- open calls for applications, for which a portfolio and a CV outlining the artist's career are required, as well as a one-page cover letter explaining the purpose of the research and the way in which the artist imagines linking it to the art centre
 - solicited proposals or nominations - invitation only


Artists are permitted to bring their families with them to the residency.
The art centre has an upstairs flat which may be shared with other artists. The flat has two bedrooms and a bathroom.
A child's high chair and other small-scale equipment can be provided.
Childcare is the responsibility of the artist who can be in touch with possible childcare providers.


Artists must comply with the residency schedule agreed upon before its scheduled start date.


Events with a variety of audiences (workshops with schoolchildren, leisure centres, groups). An open studio will be held at least once when the programme has been completed.

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