Initiated and carried out by 40mcube, GENERATOR is a continuing professional development program for young visual artists and a residency for curators.

Initiated and supported by 40mcube, GENERATOR is a programme which comprises of free professional training for visual artists and an international residency for curators.

Founded in 2001, 40mcube is a contemporary art exhibition space, a studio, an art residency and an organisation which offers training programmes and manages contemporary art projects. 40mcube has been accredited as a contemporary arts centre of national interest by the French Ministry of Culture. 

40mcube produces and presents art works during exhibitions and events in public spaces. It organises residencies, provides support for art commissions, which are also presented to the public during outreach activities. 

40mcube’s residencies provide an opportunity for artists to research, design, experiment and produce projects and works. Artists are provided with a space which encourages creation, including professional studios equipped with tools, machines and materials. In addition to residencies at its premises in Rennes and Liffré, 40mcube also runs residencies in companies, in Brittany and in schools and care homes.


In partnership with the company Self Signal, 40mcube offers a free vocational and certified training course entitled GENERATOR to artists, as well as an international residency for curators.

Each year, GENERATOR selects four visual artists with at least two years' professional experience and provides them with the means to devote seven months entirely to their artistic practice. They develop their work, create, grow their professional network and acquire the administrative, accounting, legal and methodological skills necessary in their scope of practice.

Each year, GENERATOR selects two to four curators to participate in a one-month prospecting programme. They meet the resident artists, write a text about their work, and expand their network by discovering the artistic scene in Brittany.


For artists:
- Research grant: €5000 euros (all tax included)
- Production costs: €2,500 euros (upon presentation of receipts)
- Individualised support regarding funding opportunities 
- An equipped studio shared with other resident artists 
- Individualised support during the development of their work
- Technical support during the production of their work
- Networking opportunities with companies
- Critical contributions from professionals: artists, theoreticians, structure managers, critics, curators, gallery owners, etc.
- Opportunities for various types of professional experience: workshops, conferences, organisation of exhibitions, etc.
- Training in the administration of the artist's activity and in project development and
project methodology

For curators:
- Research grant: €1,000  (all tax included)
- Travel costs to and from their place of residence (by train or plane)
- Accommodation
- Work space with access to the internet 
- Meetings with the various professionals from Brittany's art scene: artists, critics, curators, etc.
- Time dedicated to research. Curators benefit in particular from the art critic archives


For artists: 7 months (October to April)
For curators: 1 month (March)


GENERATOR is open to emerging visual artists who have graduated within the last two years (Master's degree or equivalent) or who are self-taught, provided they can show proof of professional experience in the contemporary art field (3 exhibitions in cultural structures). The programme is open to national and international artists (working in all disciplines) and curators. There is no age limit. 
Call for applications: January to March.
Selection committee: one curator or director of an art centre, one artist, one of 40mcube’s directors.
Application documents: portfolio, CV and cover letter. If artists would like to be joined by a colleague, a signed letter stating their availability for the duration of the programme is also required.


Given that curators are housed in rented flats which are not part of the premises, 40mcube is not able to accommodate residents' families. Family visits will be organised where possible. Professional training requires artists to attend organised sessions and meetings with professionals. However, 40mcube endeavours to adapt its timetable as far as possible to suit family needs.
Residents who wish to bring their children are encouraged to bring another adult with them so that they can make the most of the opportunity. Comment end  


Artists agree to live in Rennes for the entire 7-month training period.
Artists agree to discuss their projects and the development of their practice with 40mcube’s teaching team and invited professionals.
Curators agree to stay in Rennes for the duration of the residency, and to write one or two critical texts on one of the artists in the programme.


The residency organisers may propose events involving school classes or students in the studio or during exhibitions.


GENERATOR was initiated and is supported by 40mcube, in partnership with the company Self Signal, the law firm Avoxa, the contemporary art journal 02, in collaboration with the art centres La Criée (Rennes) and Passerelle (Brest), FRAC Bretagne - the regional collection of contemporary art in Rennes, the Archives de la critique d'art (Rennes), Documents d'artistes Bretagne and a.c.b - art contemporain en Bretagne.

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