Arts en résidence


Code of Ethics

Arts en résidence - National network brings together structures whose main activity, or main activities, involve organising residency programmes which are run on a regular basis. Member structures vary in size, legal status and means and it is this diversity which makes up the richness of the network.

They host artists, authors, curators, as well as individuals or groups developing a project in the field of contemporary art. Given the many different purposes behind art residencies, the structures federated within the Arts en résidence network have decided to draw up a charter formulating common principles, values and commitments. The residency programmes offered by the member structures encompass a broad spectrum of activity and engagement. Nevertheless, supporting contemporary creation is considered to be first and foremost the primary objective of an art residency. Members are committed to providing the technical, human and financial resources required to create the best possible working conditions for artists and/or creative professionals.

Our objective is to define the common ethics to be implemented by our members in their day-to-day work with the contemporary art professionals hosted in residence.

Envisaged as a founding text, this charter is intended to be adaptable: it is likely to be expanded upon by Arts en residence – National network, in collaboration with its members, according to different practices and the evolution of the working environment.

Driven by a desire to exchange ideas about the practice of hosting all kinds of art residencies and the value residencies are accorded, the member structures of Arts en résidence – National network are committed to respecting its rules and regulations and to work in accordance with this charter.

It is understood that:

- member structures respect the current legal frameworks in force (the law pertaining to the Freedom of Creation, Architecture and Heritage, the Intellectual Property Code, the Social Security Code and so on) which govern all residency programmes;

- the two statements published on the 16th of February 2011[1] and the 8th of June 2016[2] have contributed to the establishment of a framework to which the member structures should refer;

- member structures undertake to use the hosting residencies model contract made available and approved by the relevant professional organisations (Cipac, Fraap, Usopav). As an extension of these preparatory resources, this charter formulates voluntary commitments which are specific to the federated structures and by which only they are bound.

[1] this statement relates to income generated by artistic activities covered by Article L 382-3 of the Social Security Code and to the incorporation of income from ancillary activities to the income from these artistic activities

[2] this statement relates to the support of artists and artistic teams within the context of art residencies