Triangle - Astérides, contemporary art center of national interest and artist residency

Triangle-Astérides is a contemporary art center labeled as of national interest (since 2021) and an artist residency. Since 1994, it has been based at La Friche la Belle de Mai, where it carries out missions of general interest in the service of artists and the most diverse audiences.

Triangle-Astérides is a contemporary art center of national interest and a founding member of the cultural cooperative La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, where it has been established since its creation by artists in 1994. From the outset, Triangle-Astérides has been envisaged as a space for both creation and promotion of contemporary art. Its 6 studios provide international and national resident artists, as well as associate artists from Marseille, with the opportunity to pursue their research and experiment throughout the year. The continuous presence of artists enables Triangle-Astérides to provide access to art which is in the process of being produced. 

In addition to its extensive exhibition programme, Triangle-Astérides’ offers research and experimentation residencies aimed at French and international artists, as well as a residency programme for associated artists and professionals from the local area (in conjunction with the Ateliers de la Ville de Marseille). It also organises events, editorial projects and carries out meticulously thought-out projects with all kinds of audiences.

Triangle-Astérides was created when Triangle France and Astérides merged together in 2018. Triangle Network remains a member of Triangle-Astérides and operates independently. Bringing together international and national networks remains at the heart of Triangle-Astérides’ activities.

Mindful of every individual’s needs, Triangle-Astérides makes every effort to ensure that its programmes are as accessible as possible. On request, visits can be organised for those with reduced mobility. Visits can also be conducted in sign language and audio guides and FALC (Easy to Read and Understand) documents can be provided for the public and for guest artists. Triangle-Astérides' communication materials are distributed in French and English (although these are sometimes translated by professional translators, they are often done so by the team itself, resulting in imperfect translations). Occasionally and on request, our programmes can also be translated into other languages.

2021_03_22_residence_sinapan-melissa_atelier-012.jpg© Triangle - Astérides, Melissa Sinapan’s studio: resident artist from January to April 2021.


A 10-week research residency for French (excluding those living in Marseille) and international emerging or mid-career artists, regardless of age or nationality. Due to the fact that this programme includes temporary accommodation, it is not open to artists in Marseille, for whom the associate programme was created, in order to provide support over a longer period of time.
It is possible to apply as a duo.

The residency programme includes:
- a 60 m² studio at Triangle-Astérides (to be shared by artists who apply as a duo);
- curatorial, administrative and logistical support;
- the organisation of professional visits and networking events;
- an open studio event at the end of the residency;
- a single room (or two rooms, for duos) in a 90 m² flat with four rooms in total, shared with the other Triangle-Astérides’ residents and/or guests, including a shared bathroom, kitchen and living room) in the centre of Marseille (which would normally cost around €400 per room per month);
- a €700 monthly grant (including tax). Artists must provide an invoice which includes payment of copyright loyalties in relation to the open studio evening. Please note that in the case of artist duos, the grant will be paid to the administrative authority and cannot be doubled. 

Please also note that Triangle-Astérides can not reimburse travel costs to and from Marseille. We do however provide necessary support for raising additional funds.


3 residency sessions per year, each lasting 10 weeks, for a total of 9 resident and associate artists each year.


The selection process consists of two stages:
Time and attention is given to all the applications received. Artists are shortlisted by two independent curators (one of whom is a French or an international art professional) appointed each year by Triangle-Astérides. 
A final interview, led by two curators and one French or international artist, appointed each year by Triangle-Astérides, as well as two members of Triangle-Astérides’ team.

Each year, Triangle-Astérides’ selection committee ensures diversity in terms of artistic practice, training, age, gender and nationality.


Artists can bring their spouse and/or child(ren) with them but must bear in mind the implications of communal living. The apartment has 4 bedrooms, one of which can be allocated to a child or children of any age. Residents can also choose to share their room with their baby or babies.  
Please note that the art centre is not able to allocate an additional budget to residents with children, nor is it able to assist with schooling or childcare.


An open studio evening at the end of the residency.


On a case-by-case basis and depending on artists’ practices, aspirations and needs, Triangle-Astérides’ team can provide additional income-generating projects (visits, editorial projects or projects involving the public).

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